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Welcome to the Link Mobility Documentation Wiki

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Please note: PSWinCom was acquired by Link Mobility in 2015. All services are working as they used to.

SMS Gateway Integrations

For high load bulk SMS purposes, please refer to our XML based API: Gateway XML SMS API
Easiest alternative for sending and receiving SMS messages, our Gateway HTTP POST/GET API

Link Engage Integrations

Link Engage (formerly known as PSWinCom Intouch) is a more high level development platform for SMS applications.

It includes a comprehensive REST API, web application, automated enterprise import and much more.

Mobile Payment

Mobile payment is supported in both PSWinCom Gateway and Link Engage.

Please contact PSWinCom Support for more information, also see PSWinCom Gateway documentation: CPA SMS | CPA Goods and Services

Source Code Samples On PSWinCom Github Repository

On our public GitHub repo, you will find source code examples for several different platforms. It is located at https://github.com/PSWinCom/

LINK Mobility Support Portal

If you have any questions, please head over to our support portal: https://linkmobilesolutions.zendesk.com/hc

You will be able to contact our support staff, login to handle your support history, and browse our catalogue of Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ).

Gateway interfaces: | XML | HTTP | SMTP | SOAP | SFTP BatchLoader
Intouch interfaces: REST | Syncopy

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