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Syncopy technical overview

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Syncopy product page in Norwegian: http://www.pswin.com/produkter/intouch/synkronisering


Syncopy is a add-on product for Link Engage which provides a daily automated import from external data sources into Link Engage.
This works in a Master/slave one-way setup where all data imported into Link Engage are unchangeable in the webapplication.

File transfer

Files are uploaded to Syncopy by SFTP. Authentication is done either by username/password or by SSH key.
For more information, read about SFTP on Wikipedia.

At the moment, files must be pushed to Syncopy, there is no pull functionality.

CSV File format

The Import functionality has a proprietary CSV format that is used by most customers.
See the following page for full information: CSV file format for Intouch Import

Other file formats

Syncopy also supports XML files based on IMS Enterprise.

Gateway interfaces: | XML | HTTP | SMTP | SOAP | SFTP BatchLoader
Intouch interfaces: REST | Syncopy

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