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CPA Goods and Services

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The PSWinCom Gateway supports billing of Goods and Services (CPA GAS) using mobile phones in Norway. As opposed to traditional CPA/Premium SMS which can only be used to bill mobile content, CPA GAS can only be used to bill goods and services.

Tariff values up to NOK 500,- can be used.

Each transaction must contain a special ServiceCode. The ServiceCode specifies what kind of goods or services the transaction is related to.

The Gateway will use the NRDB (National Reference Database) to resolve which operator the receiver belongs to. To use CPA Goods and Services with the PSWinCom Gateway you must sign up for a separate CPA GAS agreement.

XML Elements

Two extra elements are required on the MSG element to submit a CPA or GAS message/transaction:

Element Req Description
TARIFF Y Specifies the amount to charge the end-user in units of cents/”ører”. For example, to charge the end-user NOK 5,- you specify “500” as the TARIFF value. Only valid values must be used.
SERVICECODE N Specifies the type of Goods or Service that the transaction is related to.

Service codes

ServiceCodeNorwegian descriptionIntl. description
05001 TeaterbillettTheatre ticket
05002 KinobillettCinema ticket
05003 KonsertbillettConcert ticket
05004 BokBooks
05005 Lydbok - CDAudio books
05006 Film - DVDMovies - DVD
05007 Musikk - CDMusic - CD
05008 AvisNewspapers
05009 MagasinMagazines
05010ArrangementsbillettEvent tickets
06001 TogbillettTrain ticket
06002 BussbillettBus ticket
06003 T-bane/trikkebillettSubway/Tram ticket
06004 TaxiTaxi
06005 ParkeringParking
06006 FergebillettFerry ticket
06007Offentlige veiavgifter (bompenger osv)Public road charges
06008Bildrift og -vedlikeholdCar operation and maintenance services
06009 FlybillettAirplane ticket
07001 Medisinsk behandlingMedical treatment
07002 MedisinerHealth care/medicines
07003 Off. avgifter medisinsk behandlingPublic charges, medical treatment
08001 ReklameAdvertising
08002Rubrikkannonser over 200 NOKClassified ads over 200 NOK
09001 GavekortGift certificate
09002 ForsikringstjenesteInsurance
10001 Mat og drikkeFood and drink
10002Mat og drikkeFood and drink
11001 ServeringFood and drink, Restaurants
12001 OvernattingLodging
13001 FiskeravgiftPublic fishing license
13002 FiskekortPrivate fishing license
13003 Tilgangsavgift sportAccess fee sports
14001 MedlemsavgiftMembership fee
15001 Fysiske varerPhysical goods
15002Fysiske varer - ikke matPhysical goods - non food
16001TV-strømming over internettInternet TV streaming
16002Filmstrømming over internett Internet film streaming
16006Musikkstrømming over internettInternet music streaming
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