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Mobile Payment

The PSWinCom SMS Gateway supports Premium SMS for specific countries and operators. Currently supported countries and operators are:


  • NetCom
  • Telenor Mobil
  • Tele2
  • Ventelo
  • NetworkNorway
  • TDC

With Premium SMS you can deliver mobile content to mobile subscribers and use their telecom operator for charging.

The Gateway will use the NRDB (Nasjonal Referansedatabase) to resolve which operator the receiver belongs to.

To use Premium SMS with the PSWinCom SMS Gateway you must sign up for a separate CPA agreement.

XML elements

One extra element is required on the MSG element to submit a Premium SMS:

Element Req Description
TARIFF Y Specifies the amount to charge the end-user in units of cents/”ører”. For example, to charge the end-user NOK 5,- you specify “500” as the TARIFF value. Only valid values must be used. Valid values are described in a separate Agreement.

Also note that the CPATag and AgeLimit elements are optional elements that applies to Premium messages only.
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