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PSWinCom Gateway Delivery Report Statuses

DELIVRD: Message was successfully delivered to destination.
EXPIRED: Message validity period has expired.
DELETED: Message has been deleted.
UNDELIV: The SMS was undeliverable (not a valid number or no available route to destination).
UNKNOWN: No information of delivery status available.
REJECTD: Message was rejected.
FAILED: The SMS failed to be delivered because no operator accepted the message or due to internal Gateway error.
NULL: No delivery report received from operator. Unknown delivery status.
BARRED: The receiver number is barred/blocked/not in use. Do not retry message, and remove number from any subscriber list.

The following status codes will apply specially for Premium messages:
DELIVRD: The receiver number is charged, SMS delivered.
BARREDA: The receiver could not receive the message because his/her age is below the specified AgeLimit.
ZEROBAL: The receiver has an empty prepaid account.

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