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Mobile Payment

Send your first SMS in less than 5 minutes


Step 1: Get an account

Order a gateway online here: https://app2.pswin.com/order/gateway
(You will immideately receive your gateway account, but with a restriction of 200 sms. It usually takes one working day to convert the account to a full gateway account)

Step 2: Send a SMS

Example is in c# For more examples in other languages, click here: https://gist.github.com/pswincom-examples

Note: Remember to html encode & characters in your xml!

Step 3: Get reports and configure your account online

In the customer account web here: https://accountweb.pswin.com, you can see message reports, configure your account and more.

All done!

For more information about receiving SMS, and DR, see here:
Gateway interfaces: | XML | HTTP | SMTP | SOAP | SFTP BatchLoader
Intouch interfaces: REST | Syncopy

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