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IncomingSMSMessage (SOAP)

The IncomingSMSMessage object is used when receiving an incoming SMS message from the Gateway when using the SOAP API.


The attributes supported are defined as follows:

ReceiverNumberNumber that the message was sent to. This may be an international formatted number (with country prefix) or an operator specific short/long number (for example 2077)
SenderNumberNumber of the subscriber that sent the message. This will be an internationally formatted number (with country prefix).
TextThe message text received.
NetworkOptional. May contain information about the Network which the message is received through. This information can be ignored unless otherwise instructed by PSWinCom.
AddressOptional. This attribute may contain detailed information about the sender, such as name and address. The information is retrieved by the Gateway which is requesting such data from a phone directory service. The internal format is as follows:


Sample result:

Kari;;Nordmann;Hjemmeveien 46;5211;BERGEN;12;1201

Additional values may be added at the end in the future.

This is a value added feature that requires an additional agreement with PSWinCom.
GSMPositionOptional. May contain geographical position information about the subscriber. This is a value added feature that requires an additional agreement with PSWinCom. See GSMPosition


C# notation of the IncomingSMSMessage object:

public class IncomingSMSMessage
  public string ReceiverNumber;
  public string SenderNumber;
  public string Text;
  public string Network;
  public string Address;
 public GSMPosition Position;

  public IncomingSMSMessage()


  <Text>test incoming</Text>

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