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Personal Account Web Users

Due to general data protection regulations (GDPR) it is no longer possible to log on to Account Web with a common login. You and your co-workers will need to create a personal user to access Account Web.

Note: This does NOT affect API usage, ONLY logging in to Account Web

There are two ways of creating personal users and assigning them to a Gateway account:
  • Assigning the first user as adminstrator for a Gateway account using your Gateway credentials
  • Inviting additional people must be done by a personal user with the administrator role

The first user for any given Gateway account has to be created using your original Gateway account login. It is important that you know that this first user will be the administrator of the account. This means that after this first user has been assigned to a Gateway account, only this user can add more users. This user can of course invite other users to become administrators. Read more about this under inviting more users.

All users of Account Web will be linked to an e-mail address, and this will be your "username" from now on.

Note: Please keep in mind that for your company to stay compliant with GDPR you should refrain from using an e-mail address that is shared between multiple users. If you do need to share an e-mail account, you need to be able to document who has access to this e-mail account.

Assign the first user

You assign the first administrator of a Gateway account by browsing to Account Web and clicking "Old Login" on the "Log in as" screen, alternatively you can browse directly to the Old Login screen.

You will see a screen like this:


Enter the username and login you normally use to log on to Account Web.

If your account already have a personal user assigned you will see the following:


You'll need to talk to an administrator to get access to Account Web.

If the account does not have a personal user, the next screen will look like this:


Enter the e-mail address of the person who will administrate he account. You will need to repeat the e-mail address to ensure that the invitation is sent to the correct person. When the invitation has been sent, your administrator will receive and e-mail from noreply@pswin.com. The e-mail will look like this:

You have received an invitation to Gateway Account Web. Go to the link in this email to set up your account.
When registration is complete, you will get access to Account Web for {your gateway account here}

https://openid.pswin.com/register/user?invitationid={number letters and dashes}

Best regards,
LINK Mobility AS
Please note that if you don't see this e-mail in your inbox it could have ended up in your spam/trash/junk folder.

Click the link or copy it into your browser. Two things can happen now. You will be prompted to create a user or - if there has already been created a user with this e-mail - to log in.

Registration will look like this:


You can opt out of 2-factor authentication with your phone number.

Once the registration or login has been completed you will have access through this new user. Your user can be assigned to multiple gateway accounts. You can log in with your e-mail address once the registration process is completed. If you have access to more than one account, you will be asked to choose which account you want to access.


When your first administator has been created, you can invite additional users/administrators to access the Account Web. The next section explains how to do this.

Inviting more users

Once you've created the first adminstrator user, you can log on and invite your coworkers access to Account Web as well. Any users invited to be administrators of your Gateway account (including the first user) will have one additional menu entry:

Click this and you will be taken to a screen where you can view who has access, what invites are not yet redeemed and lastly invite more users:

Click "Add user" to invite additional users to the current Gateway account. You will need to assign roles to the new user. There are three possible roles:

  • Administrate Users (admin) - Can add and remove users from this account
  • Configure account (user) - This user can make changes to the configuration of the Gateway account, e.g.: keyword, mail 2 sms and subnumber configurations
  • View reports (reporter) - This user can view reports and other data (potentially personal data) on Account Web

You should choose all roles that apply to the user. Please note that at the time of writing this there are no ways of editing the roles after the invite has been redeemed. The screen for adding a user looks like this:

After you complete the invite, the user will receive an e-mail like the one mentioned above and the process will be the same as when creating the first user.
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