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ReturnValue (SOAP)

ReturnValue is one of the types in the PSWinCom SMS Gateway SOAP API.


CodeInteger. Statuscode indicating whether the operation was successful or failed. A statuscode of 200 represents a successful operation. Otherwise the Code will indicate an failure, and the Description attribute will contain further information.
DescriptionString. Textual descriptions of the statuscode given by the Code attribute.
ReferenceOptional String. Certain operations may render an unique reference ID that the client may store and later use to track or correlate messages. Typically submit message operations will return a Reference value that the client later will use to correlate with a delivery report. This value must be treated as a string with a length of at least 36 characters.


C# notation of the ReturnValue object:

public class ReturnValue
  public int Code;
  public string Description;
  public string Reference;
  public ReturnValue()


Sample XML:


Return code values

The following table shows the possible values of the Code element on the ReturnValue object:

100Gateway rejected message. Detailed description can be found in the Description element of the ReturnValue object. Reference value will be empty.
200Message successfully submitted. Reference (if requested and enabled on account) will be set to a unique value.
500General SOAP Interface error. Message was not submitted.

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