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Receive MO messages over SMTP

You can receive mobile originated messages (MO) over e-mail (SMTP). Following is an example of an SMS sent over SMTP:

X-Sender: "4712345678" <4712345678@pswin.com>
X-Receiver: email@my.domain.com
X-PSWinCom-Receiver: 26112
X-PSWinCom-Sender: 4712345678
X-PSWinCom-Text: Hei
MIME-Version: 1.0
From: "4712345678" <4712345678@pswin.com>
To: email@my.domain.com
Date: 12 Jan 2015 15:22:23 +0100
Subject: PSWinCom SMS Gateway Incoming Message
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable


For Content-Type the gateway will choose an appropriate encoding based on content. In most cases this is either us-ascii or UTF-8 when the message contains language specific characters (æ, ø, å etc). In this example the e-mail body translates into plain text:


As you see the SMS content is included both in headers and body.

Possible headers and body elements that are always sent are:

HeaderBody elementDescription
X-PSWinCom-ReceiverReceiverThe shortcode the message was sent to
X-PSWinCom-SenderSenderThe phone number of the sender
X-PSWinCom-TextTextThe text content of the message, this may be multiline in the body while line breaks are stripped in the header

Additional headers and body may be sent if these are enabled for the keyword/short code. These are:

HeaderBody elementDescription
X-PSWinCom-AddressAddressSemi colon separated name and address information for the sender. See ... for details. *
X-PSWinCom-LongitudeLongitudeThe sender's longitude position **
X-PSWinCom-LatitudeLatitudeThe sender's latitude position **
X-PSWinCom-RadiusRadiusThe accuracy of the sender position, given in meters **
X-PSWinCom-CouncilCouncilThe council of the sender position (in norwegian: kommune) **
X-PSWinCom-CouncilNumberCouncilNumberThe council number of the sender position (in norwegian: kommunenummer) **
X-PSWinCom-PlacePlaceCity/town/area of the sender position **
X-PSWinCom-CountyCountyThe county of the sender position (in norwegian: fylke) **
X-PSWinCom-CountryCountryCountry of the sender position **
X-PSWinCom-SubPlaceSubPlaceIn some cases a sub place is given to further describe the sender position **
X-PSWinCom-ZipCodeCountryZipCode of the sender position (not always given) **
X-PSWinCom-CityCityCity of the sender position (not always given, use Place if not) **
X-PSWinCom-TimeStampTimeStampThe time when PSWinCom received MO from the operator ***

* Requires address lookup to be enabled, costs per MO may incur
** Requires position lookup to be enabled, costs per MO may incur
*** Requires timestamp to be enabled and is only available on selected short codes, ask support for more information
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