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It is possible to submit binary messages that include a User Data Header.

This is most useful when:

a) Your application already has the ability to generate a complete data-block that includes the User Data Header.

b) You need to support binary content that is not currently supported by the Gateway Operator.

Raw Binary Data is sent as a hex-encoded string much in the same way as for logos, but the hex-encoded data-string must also contain a valid UDH, and the OP (operation) child-element of the element must be set to the value of 8:


The hex-encoded string must be placed in the Text-element:


The Gateway will treat each binary message as one SMS and will not perform any splitting if the content is too long. Thus the application must perform the splitting and include information about this in the UDH if needed. The hex-encoded data-block must not exceed 280 characters in length (140 bytes when decoded).

Note: UDH is disabled by default for new accounts unless it is checked off the order form, but can be enabled any time and free of charge upon request.

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