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SMSMessage (SOAP)

SMSMessage is one of the types in the PSWinCom SMS Gateway SOAP API. This object is used when submitting SMS messages to the Gateway.


The attributes supported are defined as follows:

ReceiverNumberNumber of the receiver, internationally formatted with country-code but no “+” or “00” prefixed.
SenderNumberNumber of sender to be displayed on receiver’s handset. Numeric with no “+” or space, max 15 digits. Alphanumeric up to 11 characters can also be used.
TextThe SMS message body. Messages of up to 160 characters will be sent as one SMS. If the length exceeds 160 characters, it will be sent as up to 16 SMS messages of each 134 characters that are concatenated by the phone. The maximum length is thus 16*134 = 2144 characters. The ISO- 8859-1 character set is used.
TariffThe amount (in local currency as cents/”ører”) to charge the receiver. This feature requires an CPA agreement. Should be set to 0 (zero) when not used.
NetworkOptional. Used to indicate special routing of the message. Should only be set upon request from gateway-owner.
TypeOfMessageOptional. Set this property to send other types of messages than just plain text messages. Supported values are:
TimeToLiveSet this value to the number of minutes that the message should be valid before it expires if not delivered. Set to 0 to use the default value.
CPATagOptional. Used with CPA messages to indicate further details on the subscribers telephone bill what he/she has paid for.
SessionDataOptional. A free text field that can be used to tag the session with customer specific data such as the application name, username, reference-id etc. The maximum length is 200 characters.

Leave empty unless required.
DeliveryTimeOptional. String representing a date and time when the Gateway should try to deliver the message.

If this parameter is present the message will be considered to be a deferred message that will be queued for future delivery instead of immediately being forwarded to operator. The format is as follows:



20th of June 2008 at 14:32 should be specified as: 200806201432

DeliveryTime is always in CET. Maximum delay of message is currently one week (7 days).
ServiceCodeMust be specified for CPA Goods And Services transactions, but should not be set for other messages.


C# notation of the SMSMessage object:

public class SMSMessage
  public string ReceiverNumber;
  public string SenderNumber;
  public string Text;
  public string Network; 
  public string TypeOfMessage;
  public int Tariff;
  public int TimeToLive;
  public string CPATag;
  public bool RequestReceipt;
  public string SessionData;
  public string AffiliateProgram;
  public string DeliveryTime;
  public string ServiceCode;
  public SMSMessage()


Sample XML:

  <Network> </Network>
  <TypeOfMessage> </TypeOfMessage>

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