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DeliveryReport (SOAP)

DeliveryReport is one of the types in the PSWinCom SMS Gateway SOAP API.

When one has requested a Delivery Report for a message by setting the RequestReceipt parameter, you will receive a delivery report for each message. See the descriptions of the receive SOAP methods for more details.


The DeliveryReport object has the following attributes:

ReceiverNumberThe number which the message was sent to.
StateFinal state as assigned by the GSM Network or Gateway.
DeliveryTimeThe actual time (in local timezone of the SMSC used) when the message was delivered. Only present for positive delivery reports (State is DELIVRD).
ReferenceThe unique reference value assigned to the message that this delivery report corresponds to. This value must be treated as a string with a length of at least 36 characters.

Delivery report states

A delivery report indicates the final state of each message, described with a set of predefined states.
The different states are described on a separate page: PSWinCom Gateway Delivery Report Statuses


C# notation of the DeliveryReport object:

public class DeliveryReport
  public string State;
  public string ReceiverNumber;
  public string DeliveryTime;
  public string Reference;
  public DeliveryReport()


  <DeliveryTime>2006.11.30 13:53</DeliveryTime>

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