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Receive SOAP methods

The SMS Gateway may delivery incoming messages and delivery reports to the client using SOAP/WebServices. To be able to receive those messages and delivery reports the client must implement the interface as defined by the following WSDL:

The customer must implement their service using the same contract (WSDL) as the service above. After implementation, the URL of the service must be provided to the Gateway. Please contact to arrange this.

Each method must have the complex type ReturnValue as a return value. The client must set the Code attribute to the value 200 to indicate a successful reception. Any other status code value will be interpreted as an unsuccessful delivery and the message or delivery report will be retried according to the retry scheme of the Gateway.

ReceiveDeliveryReport method

Delivery reports will be forwarded to the client when requested with the RequestReceipt attribute on the SMSMessage object.

ReturnValue rv = ReceiveDeliveryReport(DeliveryReport dr)

The DeliveryReport parameter is a complex type as defined here.

ReceiveSMSMessage method

Incoming SMS messages will be forwarded to the client according to the rules defined for the client and the access number used for twoway communication.

ReturnValue rv = ReceiveSMSMessage(IncomingSMSMessage msg)

The IncomingSMSMessage parameter is a complex type as defined here.

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