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PSWinCom Gateway SOAP WebService API

The WebService Interface of the PSWinCom SMS Gateway service is suitable for application developers that have integrated support for utilizing WebServices in their tools. The interface is “firewall-friendly” since SOAP is running over a standard HTTP protocol and port number 80 is used for client connections.

It is a ASP.Net based classic style SOAP web service, which means that for developers using Microsoft Visual Studio it is convenient to work with this API.
However, developers using other platforms such as Java are advised to use our XML interface instead.

This interface has methods for both single message sending and bulk SMS message sending.

Gateway connect information

SMS WebServicehttps://soap.pswin.com (failover: https://soap2.pswin.com)
SMS WSDLhttps://soap.pswin.com/?wsdl

Security Considerations

Using plain HTTP should be done with caution when dealing with information. All data, including username and password, are sent as cleartext over the Internet and may be intercepted by a third-party. To increase security, the SSL secured transport layer (HTTPS) can be used.

See SSL certificates for details..

Objects/Complex types

Several complex types are defined to support the SOAP communication with the Gateway. Following is a description of these complex types and their class representation (C# syntax).


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