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MMSMessage (SOAP)

The MMSMessage object is used when submitting MMS messages to the Gateway through the SOAP API.

General information

MMS in general and Premium MMS (CPA) are currently supported for the following operators:

Telenor Mobil


To simplify the packaging and transmission of MMS Messages, we have decided to use a simple ZIP file as the packaging of the MMS content. This means that all the content files/parts of the MMS must be zipped together into one zip-file before transmission to the MMS Gateway. The zip-file should not have any internal directory structure; all content files must reside in the root directory of the zip file, like this:

MyZippedMMS.zip contains

How to construct an MMS presentation with text, audio and image content is beyond the scope of this interface documentation. Most will use some kind of MMS composer or other software to create the files required. Refer to http://www.w3.org/AudioVideo/ for more information about creating mobile content and SMIL files.

The zip-file is transmitted as a Byte-array to the MMS Gateway the attribute below named Data.


The table below shows all attributes and their description:

ReceiverNumberNumber of the receiver, internationally formatted with country-code but no “+” or “00” prefixed.
SenderNumberNumber of sender to be displayed on receiver’s handset. Numeric with no “+” or space, max 15 digits. Alphanumeric up to 11 characters can also be used.
SubjectThis is the subject of the MMS to send or receive.
TariffSpecifies the amount to charge the end-user in units of cents/”ører”. For example, to charge the end-user NOK 5,- you specify “500” as the TARIFF value. Only valid values must be used. Valid values are described in the CPA Agreement from PSWinCom that is required to use this property.
DataByte-array containing the MMS Message content as a packed zip-file.
NetworkOptional. Used to indicate special routing of the message. Should only be set upon request from gateway-owner.
TimeToLiveSet this value to the number of minutes that the message should be valid before it expires if not delivered. Set to 0 to use the default value.
CPATagOptional. Used with CPA messages to indicate further details on the subscribers telephone bill what he/she has paid for.
ReceiptRequestIf this attribute is set to true and forwarding of delivery reports are enabled for your Gateway account, then the delivery report for this message will be forwarded to your application.
SessionDataOptional. A free text field that can be used to tag the session with customer specific data such as the application name, username, reference-id etc. The maximum length is 200 characters.

Leave empty unless required.
AffiliateProgramOptional. If you are part of an Affiliate-Program offered by the PSWinCom Gateway provider, you can use this element to specify your Affiliate Program code. Leave empty unless required.


C# notation of the SMSMessage object:

public class MMSMessage
  public string ReceiverNumber;
  public string SenderNumber;
  public string Subject;
  public string Network;
  public int Tariff;
  public int TimeToLive;
  public string CPATag;
  public bool RequestReceipt;
  public string SessionData;
  public string AffiliateProgram;
  public byte[] Data;

  public MMSMessage()


  <Subject>My MMS</Text>
  <Network> </Network>

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